Chromovis, the first title from Facility7, is available now on the App Store. Chromovis is an action puzzler whose gravity-based play mechanic requires intelligence and fast reflexes for a challenging play experience with strong replay value.

By changing the color of your ship you change the force applied to it by the planets of different colors. Levels are made up of planets of various colors and arrangements. The player's goal is to navigate their ship around the planets to reach the purple planet. Upon reaching their goal they are scored based on the completion time as well as the number of color changes required for completion.

The levels start simple, giving the player a basic feel for moving around with just one planet with a small total distance to the goal. However, once the player has the fundamentals down new twists and structures built from planets are introduced to keep the challenges fresh. Later levels combine large, complex structures that task the player with keeping a solid rhythm through precise timing to reach their goal.



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